hikmah :)

cartoon party!

here it is a page for you guys, mickey mouse cartoon freaks!

micky mouse clubhouse – HOT DOG song

clubhouse theme

mickey mouse – goofy baby

mickey mouse – squatters rights

mickey mouse – Xmas video

source : youtube

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*menghitung hari

Agustus 2017
« Mei    

what time is it now?? *2PM mode*

this is real, this is me :)

just call me hikmah. matul. a girl who loves her life :)
I love Allah and his prophets.
I love my parents.
I love my sister.
I love my aunties and cousins.
I love my friends.
I love dong bang shin ki so damn much.
I love so nyeo shi dae.
I love kpop.
and bla bla bla~ you name it lah~

find me here, here *promo dikit*

~micky ♥ minnie~

me on twitter

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